Matthias Bonitz
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Matthias Bonitz

Matthias Bonitz was born in Ellwangen near Stuttgart as the son of composer and church music director Eberhard Bonitz. From his father he received early harmony and piano lessons. His co-ordination as a "registrant" at the organ concerts of the father also influenced his tone colors.

Contrabass study at the University of Music with Prof. Walter Meuter (WDR Cologne). During his studies in the chamber orchestra Tibor Varga, German Bach soloists / Bachorchestra, Detmold Bläserkreis (Prof. Jost Michels). Long-standing duo partner cello double bass with Prof. Marcio Carneiro.

Appointment as double bass player in the "Westfälische Sinfonieorchester" - now "Neue Philharmonie Westfalen" from 1978 to 2016.

Teaching major in double bass from 1973 until today. Lectureship University of Music Detmold Abtl. Dortmund, since summer semester 1993 until today TU Dortmund.

Since the beginning of the 1980s compositional work in all genres, focus on song-dubbing (Hermann Hesse, Ingeborg Bachmann, Annette von Droste Hülshoff, Sarah Kirsch, Hans Arp and others), tone poems, for example Siddhartha "freely after Hermann Hesse for cello and piano (UA 1996 Dusseldorf), Cello and Orchestra (2002: Julius Berger + Württembergische Philharmonie) "Le Taureau" based on Pablo Picasso for violin and piano (premiere 2008 at the Picasso Museum / Münster and Sprengel Museum Hannover with Prof. Andras Agoston (Vl) and Peter Bortfeldt, CD Recording 2016 with Concertmaster of the New Philharmonic Orchestra Westfalen, Istvan Karácsonyi and the Korean pianist Pillwoo Chun.), Version for large orchestra 2010 (GMD Förster + Neue Philharmonie Westfalen), ect ..

2013 - 2016 Foundation of the open air concerts of Droste Tage at Burg Hülshoff, premieres of Droste Gedichtsvertonungen in cooperation with the career center of HfM Detmold, 2017 U.A "Tagore: Love songs in the 1st translation directly from Bengali to German by DDr. Martin Kämpchen (students of the HfM Münster.

A special concern for me is the promotion of young talented students, as I practiced it at the Droste Tage in Münster or the castle concerts of the "Drensteinfurter Kultursommers" which I founded.